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This Contemporary Style Home For Sale

Featuring sweeping views of the Bay, this custom designed, contemporary-style home was designed and rebuilt in 1993 with an emphasis on light and open spaces. Located on a serene 1.6 acres at the end of a cul-de-sac, it offers approximately 5,000 square feet of luxurious living in a private and peaceful setting.

Open and flowing, with the living areas all seamlessly connecting to one another and to the outdoors, the floor plan creates an airy ambiance offering the ultimate in flexible space with options for both formal and casual living.

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There’s a New Law For Portola Valley Real Estate

The most important devise for your home

house fireWe buy all types of electronic devices for our home, but the most important is a smoke detector.


According to FEMA* as of September 2013, there are an estimated 236,200 residential fires reported each year. Unfortunately, 19,000 deaths, over 8,000 injuries, and an estimated 5 billion dollars in property damage occurred because of these fires. As bad as that sounds, it is important to note that at least 209,000 lives were saved from death or injury.

As far as the Fire Marshal is concerned, having a smoke detector is extremely important. If fact, with the building code that is now in place it is impossible to build or remodel your home without having the proper smoke detection permits. The code ensures that each home has smoke detectors properly placed in specific locations throughout your home and that they in fact do work properly.

smoke detectorCurrently if you own real estate in Portola Valley or any residential or commercial real estate in California, a law new law has passed. If fact several smoke detector laws that will take effect starting January 1, 2015. This means that the Fire Marshal will not approve smoke alarms that do not have manufacturing dates displayed and the date the smoke alarm was installed. They must also include a hush feature, which will allow homeowners and firefighters the ability to manually turn off the very loud alarm sound. Additionally, they must include an end-of-life feature that will give notice when the device needs to be replaced. **

It would be advisable to confer with your local city building department or fire department to ensure you have the correct equipment, that it is functioning properly, and that it meets California code requirements. Adding a smoke detector in every room of your home gives you peace of mind knowing you have taken the necessary precautions for a safer home.

Fema Notes Are Found Here
** California Legislative Notes  Are Found Here
Why Get a Permit for Portola Valley Real Estate?: Tips every homeowner should know 


Mauritius : A breath of fresh air in upcoming luxury paradises.


Blending its French and English roots, Mauritius offers the relaxation on along its pristine shores, within clear, coral flanked waters, and across its peaked rolling hillsides. Flanked along the Eastern side of Africa, Mauritius rests within the Indian Ocean as an upcoming escapist’s haven. Trou-aux-Biches is cited as one of the most beautiful places on earth, with clear warm waters and white sands.  Those wanting to visit with locals and experience swimming in warm, crystal waters should look to the North on the beach of Péreybère. Need a bit more of a rush? Find an escape in the somewhat rougher waters of Tamarin, where you can find surfers catching some great swells throughout the day.


Should you seek the excitement of a bustling, vibrant city – look no further than Port Louis, the capital city where you can spend equal parts time in the city for an escape. Local cuisine at top restaurants, such as Le Château de Bel Ombre, Domaine Anna, or Le Canonnier Hotel, blend the warmth of Indian cuisine, bursting with saffron and cinnamon, against the rich French cuisine with fresh butter, herbs, and savory meats or Chinese with sweet, spicy aromatic rice dishes. Nightlife is vibrant, setting itself against a newly developed industry scene infusing worldwide beats.

For horse racing enthusiasts, one of oldest tracks is Champ de Mars Racecourse and one of the most popular sports in the country. Port Louis has benefited from the thriving economy of Mauritius. With one of the top economies in Africa, its economic transparency is one of the highest in the world.

Diverse cultures benefit visitors, who can find that English and French are national languages alongside the local Mauritian Créole. Celebrations span across many religions including Hinduism, Islam, Catholicism, and Buddhism, allowing a high level of tolerance and appreciation.

Be it a destination for those seeking pristine moments within the sun, or adventurous travelers seeking thrills – Mauritius may be the island to entice you.

Woodside California – A Great Place To Live

Woodside Real Estate – A Great Investment

Woodside Real Estate

Just 30 minutes south of San Francisco, you’ll find Woodside California nestles in the foothills of the Silicon Valley and known for its wonderful wooded landscapes, natural open spaces, and spacious rolling hills. Woodside has also become quite the hot spot with some of the most luxuries homes in the United States. A simple drive through the area will reveal some of the most thoughtful architecturally designed homes in the country.

Woodside California  Horse Rider

There are some great outdoor things to do in Woodside. If you love horses then this is the place to be, as you will frequently see horseback riders galloping through the network of horse trails throughout the area. Woodside has also become well known as cycle friendly community. Riding on the roads though the quiet tree covered hills on a warm Sunday morning is quite a treat.  If walking or hiking is more your style than Wunderlich Park, Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve, Huddart County Park, and Skeggs Point are all located minutes away.

You don’t have to go far to find some great restaurants in Woodside. For a fun local favorite on Saturday mornings, you can try Bucks of Woodside. It has an eclectic quirky atmosphere. Bucks is a very casual and great place for the whole family or for VCs and entrepreneurs who want to make those big deals over a great meal. For a more formal dining experience, you can try the Village Pub. They’ve won both local and national awards and have a nice Sunday brunch.

Downtown Woodside California In downtown Woodside, you’ll find local businesses that will meet most of your day-to-day needs. For example, there is Roberts’s grocery store, several salons, a tennis shop, a bakery, a library, a nursery school, some doctors’ offices, a bank, real estate offices, churches, and a gas station. Within ten minutes just down the road, you’ll find Stanford Shopping Center outdoor mall featuring top of the line retail shops and restaurants.

One of the great things about Woodside is you can easily get to highway 280 which will take you north 30 minutes up the road to San Francisco or south 30 minutes to Silicon Valley. Within a 20 minutes’ drive you can see the sunset on the beach at Half Moon Bay known for its big pumpkins and its worldwide known big waves called Mavericks, a surfers dream spot. Also getting to the SF or SJ airports is just 35 minutes in either direction.

Bikers in Woodside California

The best thing about Woodside is the weather, which is unbeatable. For the most part, you experience temperatures from 56-77 degrees. Of course, there are extremes at times but most mornings are sun filled and comfortable with a light breeze that comes over the hills from the coast. It’s great for those morning jogs or late afternoon walks through the neighborhood. If you love to garden then you’ll have some of the best soil and growing conditions around. The only problem you might have is an occasional deer visiting your garden late at night. There are several folks who grow grapes in their back yards and the Wisteria can grow everywhere bringing a natural beauty to any structure.

If you are looking for Woodside Real Estate you will find a plethora of great Woodside Realtors in the area offering a list of properties to review.

Organizing Your Closet

Closet Confidential

One place we go to on a regular basis is our closets. Some closets are well organized and other are, well let’s just say, a mess. Some have a minimal amount of clothes in them and others have enough clothes to dress a room full of people. Having been in both camps and now rather enjoying the more organized minimal approach. Perhaps it’s time to confidentially chat about what’s in your closet.

Admitting You’re A Clothes Hoarder.

One of the first steps in moving forward is admitting that maybe you just have a few too many clothes in the closet for one person. Maybe that old shirt from ten years ago might be just a little bit worn out and tired. Perhaps those slacks just don’t fit you like they did back in the day and more importantly are probably out of fashion no matter what you tell yourself. Believe it or not, that Hawaiian shirt is just, well, awful. One of the things you can do to help thin out your closet is to pull everything out and start making piles. One pile for things you want, one pile to donate, and one pile for rags or to throw out.

Asking Your Friends.

If you’re honest with yourself you might find it helpful to bring a friend over to help you. Friends will be brutal. When asking my friends while wearing a garment they would say it looks great but when they know that there is a pile of clothes going to good will they are quick to add that same garment to that pile. It can be hard to get rid of the things that you have had for centuries even if you never wear them. Nevertheless, the fact is those clothes are just cluttering up your life and making it hard to choose what to wear on a daily basis. Once you have your save these clothes pile you will want to try each garment on while your friend is still there with you to help you evaluate if they are a keeper or to get rid of item. Many times what you may think looks good on you may actually look terrible for one reason or another. There are areas that you can’t see as well, like your backside, that are not complementary to you or you’re body type.  Maybe those jeans are just not as complementary as when you first bought them. My closet was filled with nice jeans but all of them where too large and boxy looking. There was even a pair of jeans with the tag on them that fit fine but the style was gone a long time ago, those do to the donate pile.

Rethinking Your Style.

Perhaps you will have the opportunity ask one of your friends that, you think is an esthetically great dresser to help you find clothes that fit your body correctly and that are going to be in style for more than a week. Consider shopping at a well know department store and buying one or two garments that will last due to the quality rather than buying a bunch of clothes at the outlet mall because they were cheap. If you do that, you are going to be right back where you started. Good quality clothes are going to be more expensive but you are going to look a lot better, the clothes are going to last longer, and you’re not going to have a huge pile of clothes in your closet.

Getting Organized.

Now that your closet has been cleaned out it’s time to organize. The best way to do this is to get a closet organizer from your local retail store. Consider getting new hangers, not those plastic kind, so that your closet looks good. You are going to go to your closet everyday ones or twice a day so you want to design your closet space to be attractive to visit. Take pride in organizing your clothes by size, color, indoor clothes or outdoor. Suites with suites, jackets with jackets, slacks with slacks and so on. This makes it much easier to find your clothes and it just looks nice. The next thing you can do is to have your shoes in boxes or in your shoes organizer so you can see them paired up. Also keeping things like ties or scarfs so they are easy to find for those times when you need them. Also keeping your jewelry organized can be extremely helpful when it comes time to matching them to your clothes and making sure your earrings or cufflinks are matched up.

Time To Celebrate

Taking these steps can be challenging and if you are able to get through the chore of organizing your closet space, I guarantee it will make you feel a lot better. You should be proud of yourself and take some time to celebrate your new closet as a way to have a new outlook on how you dress and how you shop.


Portola Valley Real Estate

Recently there has been a lot of national attention regarding some of the most expensive homes in America. According to Zillow it showed that in May 2014 Atherton had the priciest real estate in the country, with Portola Valley at No. 5. One such home appeared in 2013 right here in Woodside California. It was valued at a mere $117.5 Million. Pocket change for some of the billionaire tech giants in the area.

So, what’s up?

Well, there is still a demand for homes in the bay area and more specifically within the communities of Atherton, Los Altos Hills, Palo Alto Hills, Portola Valley, Woodside, and Menlo Park. These communities have become some of the most desirable places to live for the top CEO’s in the Silicon Valley. Even though we have seen a slight downturn from 2013 we are still seeing homes sales with 52 Woodside homes sold, for example, this year.


Well frankly speaking, it is beautiful, friendly, peaceful, and accessible, which are just some of the amenities found in the in this part of the country. It has become the place to live if you are a Silicon Valley CEO. Many years ago, top CEO and a few well know celebrities bought properties in Palo Alto Hills, Portola Valley, Atherton, and Woodside, calling these communities home. Over the years the area has grown leaps and bounds bringing some of the most influential people in the world to this part of the San Francisco Peninsula.

Where are they coming from?

Companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Oracle, as well as Investment Banks to name a few, all are growing despite some of the recent layoffs from other Silicon Companies. They are acquiring more commercial property and as a result, they are hiring more employees. This is affecting the supply and demand and the demand it great. There is such a demand for housing that a simple 3/bedroom 2/bath apartment in West Menlo Park will run you anywhere from $5-$10 thousand a month.

San Jose Development

Well know Commercial Developers and Real Estate Investors are currently all banking on the future as they continue to build and invest in the area. In addition, as mentioned earlier, Facebook, Google, and Apple continue to build new commercial space all over the Silicon Valley.

The real estate on the peninsula is active and for some it might be the right time to sell your home and down size and for moving to this ever-expanding market, it is a great time to buy.


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